Noson Lawen Partners is a growth capital and buyout investment firm - focused exclusively on providing equity capital to small U.S. information and media companies.

The firm is managed by its founding partners who have worked together on a daily basis building businesses in this way for 25 years. We are the continuing growth capital and buyout team from two previous investment funds where we were directly involved in investments in over 70 information and media transactions.

We specialize in initiating investment transactions requiring between $3 and $10 million of equity, targeting U.S. based information and media enterprises with revenues ranging from under $10 million to some exceeding $20 million. Typically, these are established businesses that operate very successfully below what is now euphemistically called "the lower middle market."

Our Style

We see ourselves as experienced trade craftsmen, working collaboratively as investment professionals, identifying and building small properties across a wide range of industry segments that others ignore because of their size. We provide a support system for our portfolio company management teams and connect them within our network of contacts built over more than two decades.

Our Focus

We are particularly interested in working with operating managers who have a solid small property, proven skills, a reasonable plan for growth and high personal integrity. We invest in small information and media companies throughout the United States. We have no geographic preference.

Our Approach

As investors, we are less interested in achieving scale with a portfolio property than in enhancing its connections with its customers and thus increasing its organically developed value. Small information and media properties can effectively expand their user audience with relatively small capital investments. Small acquisitions can also graft on additional "touch points" with specific complementary customer bases. These activities serve to develop a business that is attractive to a much larger range of acquirers or capital providers than when we make our initial investment. This is old-fashioned hands-on private equity practice to the core.


We are interested in small growth properties throughout the full spectrum of the information and media industry. Our substantial experience in the industry includes investments in - and management of - businesses in the following segments:

o Magazine Publishers
o Book Publishers
o Newspapers - Daily, Weekly and National
o Database Companies
o Specialty Publishers
o Broadcast Stations
o Outdoor Advertisers
o Information Providers
o Cable Television Systems
o Education Companies